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Chuck Gifford






Chuck has over 45 years of experience on the Mississippi River. He is known for his likable personality, his commitment to innovation and unparalleled experience in the business. He’s done it all.


He started his career as crane operator where he gained experience in the river terminal industry.  He then moved into a management role, where he developed safety procedures and training programs.  Finally, working for a major bulk handling and transportation company as a project manager, Chuck was responsible for overseeing design/build/operations of docks on the inland waterways.  Chuck is a strong advocate for safety. He believes that everyone has a responsibility to make the workplace safe. He is also a strong supporter of innovation.


In 2017, he invented “THE CLAW” to significantly reduce workplace accidents while handling fiberglass barge covers. His innovative nature and experience brought him to know there had to be a safer, less labor intense and quicker way to get the job done.  Since this time he’s worked to bring the benefits of “THE CLAW” to terminals from top to bottom of the Mississippi river.


He has also mentored countless workers as they have started in the industry.  Chuck is a valuable asset to ports along the waterways. He is a knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated professional who is committed to making the workplace safer.

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