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How It Works

THE CLAW lid lifter is a fully mechanical patent pending design.  All fabricated parts are hot dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance in harsh environments.


THE CLAW has a "T" head that pins on the top.  Using a material handler and a clamshell bucket  you close around the top of the "T" to lift the device.  Then, with the arms in the release mode, center over the lid and set down with the wheels on the arms lining up in the recesses of the lid.


The bucket is lowered approximately 2 feet to activate the catch/release mechanism.  Once it cycles the bucket is lifted and the arms pull in. The hooks on the end of the arms grab the lift eyes on the lid.  The lid is lifted and set in place. To release, the bucket is once again lowered 2 feet and the catch/release mechanism cycles. Lifting the bucket the lifter comes up and the hooks release.

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