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Safe & Quick Barge Cover Handling

Construction Manager


With THE CLAW there are a lot of no's.

No climbing onto the covers.

No swinging chains over head.

No need to  board the barge.  

Construction Workers at Sunset


To handle fiberglass covers, a typical  facility will use (2) employees on top of the lids to hook up and (2) more employees to unhook.  With THE CLAW, the operator can accomplish this task unassisted.  Facilities who have THE CLAW today are doing this work with just a single operator

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Setting lids is a necessary evil when handling certain products by barge.  Many facilities have to attach (4) chains onto the bucket to lift lids.  Then lift chains need to be removed from the bucket once the lids are set.


Using THE CLAW, the operator simply closes the bucket around the "T" top and lifts the unit.  The operator then swings out and picks up the lid and then sets it down in place. Currently removing lids takes approximately 90 seconds/lid.


No Climbing On The Covers

 "...The safety factor of this tool is the biggest benefit in my mind. We no longer have to have employees on barge decks in inclement weather where slips, trips and fall hazards are present. THE CLAW also keeps our employees out of harm's way of any line of fire type situations that are present during the setting or pulling of barge covers....."- Zach S. ,Terminal Ops Superintendent

No Overhead Chains 

The CLAW allows for increased safety by removing the need for overhead chains which can be dangerous and unpredictable.  

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No Boarding the Barge. Period

Single operator handles covers safely from the material handler.


Without the CLAW 

Worker with Red Helmet
Worker in a Factory

Cover Lifting Team

Construction Manager

Typical operations use up to 5 employees to hook and unhook lids.  THE CLAW allows for 1 operator to accomplish the work of 4 employees unassisted.  Considering the industry's shortage of labor staff can be redeployed to other tasks or enjoy labor cost savings. 


Worker with Glasses
Worker with Safety Helmet

With the CLAW

Construction Manager


Dock Team

Calm Sea



90 Second Lid Installation

90 Second Lid Removal

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