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 "Advantages of THE CLAW from the operators perspective are speed, efficiency and reduced manpower required to remove and set barge covers. In the morning I'm not waiting on 3-4 people to come down and help me pull lids off the barge to begin the day. I can just hop in my machine and have the lids off by myself when the rest of the crew shows up. At the end of the day, the rest of the crew can be performing other tasks while I'm setting the barge lids and we all get to go home sooner. Safety is also a big positive that THE CLAW brings to the table. THE CLAW has enough weight so that the covers aren't moving uncontrollably in the wind.I feel that I have more control over the lid while using it. We are also able to use it in any weather circumstances that arise during the barge season. It eliminates our employees from being out in the snow and on slippery surfaces on the barge. All in all, the use of THE CLAW has sped up our unload times considerably while keeping our employees safe by not having them in harm's way."

Paul V. Material Handler Operator

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